Our Policy

ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH is commited to:

Our Vision

By constantly developing and improving our long lasting experience, by continual pursuit of perfection and excellence as well as by the use of innovative solutions we aim to be among the leading and most accepted worldwide providers of maintenance services and modification works for business- and ambulance aircraft.


Our Mission

We want to perform our services in best quality and with highest safety standards in time, economically and environmentally sound in accordance with international and national laws as well as in line with industry standards and regulations. Our overall aim is to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations at any time.


Our Strategy

We invest in the education of our personnel and in our excellently equipped facilities. We maintain premium aircraft being manufactured by Bombardier, Gulfstream, Cessna, Embraer or Dassault. We strive towards a Service Center Status. We want to offer favorable and competitive services. We want to respond quickly and flexible to our Customers’ demand. With stable growth we strengthen our profitability as well as our liquidity and finally secure the existence and the permanent development of our company.


Our Values

We emphasize well educated personnel always being friendly and open minded towards each other as well as towards our Customers and Suppliers. We emphasize precise cooperation through team work and active communication of experience and expertise. We maintain an open and cooperative dialogue with our Customers, with our Suppliers and with Public Authorities. Prudence, reliability, punctuality and accuracy are important for us. We support and boost our personnel’s own initiative.


24/7 AOG Hotline

email: aog@acc-columbiajet.com

phone: +49 151 - 14 00 25 11

HANOVER Operations via


or +49 511 - 300 349 0

COLOGNE Operations via


or +49 2203 - 966 56 0

ERFURT Operations via


or +49 2434 - 80 973 42

Official Contact

email: info@acc-columbiajet.com

phone: +49 511 - 300 349 0

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