Base Maintenace Station - Hannover Airport

The facility at Hannover/Langenhagen airport was built in 2009 and consists of two hangars and affiliated offices. The complete hangar space in Hanover amounts to 7,000 sqm.


The state-of-the-art hangar 16 is constructed from a concrete foundation with a steel superstructure. It covers a ground area of 35 x 100m and has an internal clear height of ca. 14m. is equipped with heated floor and a 3 tons heavy-lift crane usually simplifying engine changes and major structural repairs on appropriate aircraft. Furthermore the installed ventilation system aerates the whole hangar air hourly.

The northern front, which is unobstructed of any pillars, can be variably opened with sliding doors for 2/3 of its width, to enable best flexibility for the maneuvering of aircraft. The hangar is designed and optimized for the target group of midsize to large cabin aircraft up to Boeing 737 Series and Airbus A319/A320/A321.


The hangar is designed to meet highest standards of a state of the art facility incorporating many years of first-hand experience of the ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH key personnel, who initiated the project idea and remained involved throughout the project development and realisation.

The hangar can be sub-divided by a curtain at 2/3 of its width to separate the parking from the repair positions. It offers sectionally controllable underfloor heating, a traveling crane and submersible supply stations for water, electricity and compressed air.

Workshops and storage facilities are located at strategic positions within the hangar and in the adjacent building to optimize the logistics of parts and services.


The connected administrative building offers rentable customer offices and crew relaxation rooms including both accommodation and entertainment possibilities.

The Hannover/Langenhagen airport features three runways with a maximum length of 12,464 feet. It offers excellent traffic connections via car and train and is one of three airports operating 24/7 in Germany.


At the Hanover location we perform all maintenance tasks, inspections and repairs for Bombardier Challenger and Global Series, IAI Astra and Gulfstream G100, G150 and G200 Series, Embraer 135/145 Series, Cessna Citation Series and last but not least BAE Hawker aircraft.

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