Interior Refurbishment Shop -     ACJ Ambiente in Erfurt, GER

The Divsion - ACJ Ambienete was opened in 2016 and offers complete Interior Refurbishments. The facility is designed to meet highest standards of a state of the art production line unit incorporating many years of first-hand experience of the ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH key personnel, who initiated the project idea and remained involved throughout the project development and realisation.

Primary we perform all Interior Refurbishment achievements, i.e. upholstery works on seats, sidewalls and dado panels, leather refurbishment & repair, repainting of all cabin interior parts, cutting edge design and current engineering trends and finaly veneering and varnishing of all wooden surfaces. 


The facility is managed by Hubert Kunze, Manager Desing Organsation and Chief of the Office of Airworthiness and the Deputy Manager Design Organisation and Certifying Staff Frank Taubert.


Division - ACJ Ambiente

Zittauer Straße 27, Haus 8

99091 Erfurt

24/7 AOG Hotline


phone: +49 151 - 14 00 25 11

Official Contact


phone: +49 511 - 300 349 0

Current news

7th April 2016 - ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH opens new branch ACJ Ambiente specializing in interior repairs, refurbishments and modernization

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