Base Maintenance Station - Cologne Bonn Airport

Since 1975 we operate the Base Maintenance facility at Cologne Bonn airport. Being located in the centre of Europe the station proves to be a perfect location. The airport is open 24/7.


The hangar is constructed from a concrete foundation with a steel superstructure. It covers a ground area of 35 x 50m and has an internal clear height of ca. 8m. The northern front, which is unobstructed of any pillars, can be variably opened with sliding doors to a width of 30m, another sliding door of 17m width is located on the western side to ease maneuvering of aircraft.

The hangar is designed and optimized for the target group of midsize to large cabin aircraft like the Bombardier Challenger and Dassault Falcon Series aircraft. A two floor administration building is connected to the hangar, housing the storage area, several workshops, offices and meeting rooms, covering approximately 900 sqm.


Airport Cologne / Bonn
Hangar 7
51147 Köln 




phone: +49  2203 - 966 56 0




24/7 AOG Hotline


phone: +49 151 - 14 00 25 11

HANOVER Operations via

or +49 511 - 300 349 0

COLOGNE Operations via

or +49 2203 - 966 56 0

ERFURT Operations via

or +49 2434 - 80 973 42

Official Contact


phone: +49 511 - 300 349 0

Current news

7th April 2016 - ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH opens new branch ACJ Ambiente specializing in interior repairs, refurbishments and modernization

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