Aircraft Management 

We are a "Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation" (CAMO), approved in accordance with Reg(EC) 2042/2003, Part-M, Subpart G.


Thus ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH is able to manage all continuing airworthiness tasks on behalf of the owners of privately operated aircraft. Our approval certificate covers a large selection of different aircraft types and makes.

Further we hold the privilege to perform airworthiness reviews on privately and commercially operated aircraft. For all aircraft up to 2730 kg MTOW, ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH may issue and prolongate airworthiness review certificates (EASA Form 15b). The same applies to larger aircraft being managed by ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH for more than 12 months, thus being operated in a controlled environment.


For all other aircraft, ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH will issue recommendations to the competent authorities for the issuance of airworthiness review certificates (EASA Form 15a) or for the issuance of Certificates of Airworthiness for Export, as required.


Sven Schuppe

CAMO Manager 

Certifying Staff CAT B2, C


office: +49 (0) 2203 - 966 56 13

mobile: +49 (0) 151 - 140 025 33

email: s.schuppe(at)


24/7 AOG Hotline


phone: +49 151 - 14 00 25 11

HANOVER Operations via

or +49 511 - 300 349 0

COLOGNE Operations via

or +49 2203 - 966 56 0

ERFURT Operations via

or +49 2434 - 80 973 42

Official Contact


phone: +49 511 - 300 349 0

Current news

7th April 2016 - ACC COLUMBIA Jet Service GmbH opens new branch ACJ Ambiente specializing in interior repairs, refurbishments and modernization

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